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The Business Kitchen is a Fedex Authorized Ship Center. We take care of all your packing and shipping needs.

Pack-and-ship stores identified as FedEx Authorized ShipCenter locations allow you to enjoy the convenience of shipping via FedEx with the confidence of knowing professionals are handling your shipments.

Get boxes, envelopes, tape, and cushioning to securely pack all your gifts and items. Moreover, you can find reusable packaging as a sustainable choice or pack up your holiday presents with our packing experts. We know the holiday season is a busy period, so let us handle your packing and shipping needs. We also offer stationery and other services such as mailbox rentals, which can be used for both personal and professional objectives.

Our Services

Packing and Shipping Services
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Packing Services

We offer packing services for almost any item, such as office items, home items, and even sports equipment. We have affordable packing services that save you time and energy while ensuring your items will be in safe hands.

Shipping Supplies

We sell a variety of supplies such as all your shipping and packing necessities (shipping boxes, cushion tape, mailers), paper reams, lanyards. We also have notebooks, stationery, name tags, and so much more in-store. To visit us, check our business hours here.

Mailbox Rental

For the low price of $25 a month, we offer secure mailbox rentals with a real street address (not a P.O. box), full access to your mailbox during regular business hours, and you can even receive all your packages at our location. To apply, click here. (*terms and conditions apply)

Printing and Packing Store
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FedEx shipping boxes for packing items
Mailbox Rental Service
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Shipping Supplies You Need

From boxes, tape, envelopes, and more, we have all the supplies you might need to pack and ship a variety of items. In addition, protect fragile items with extra cushioning to keep your packages in-tact and damage-free.

Boxes for Specialized Items

Buy corrugated boxes at our store that fit all your packing and shipping needs. Furthermore, we offer specialized ready-made boxes for items such as laptops, bikes, golf clubs, and much more. Get free FedEx Express® boxes and reusable packaging in-store.

Packing Experts Close to You

Have fragile items? Ran out of tape and you're short on time? No need to stress. We have packing experts close to you, at our Plymouth store. As a Fedex authorized ShipCenter, packing and shipping is our expertise.